Peth's writings

Unscheduled appearances: Long-awaited Peth autobiography. Kathleen Riley, the editor, has assured readers that the book will be out in 2010. Excerpts here

Pillar Talk: Or Backcloth And Ashes

Other plays/performances written/conceived by Peth:



A Pantomime

Do you love me?

The Eight O’Clock Muse

Acting Naturally

Pomp and Circumstance

Elements of Acting

Other writings


Wimseycalities and other writings on Peth's official website

The Toast at the Centenary Luncheon, in the anthology Encounters with Lord Peter, edited by Christopher Dean

"My Bit of Britain - West Yorkshire" in the bi-monthly magazine In Britain published  62/5/96

An interview in Peter Barkworth's "About Acting".


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