Paths to Peth

His official website Peth's Staging Post:

A lovely lovely place - with select extracts from his forthcoming book Unscheduled Appearances, an image gallery of EP's paintings, audio clips of EP reading his own poems (Voiceover is particularly delicious), and video clips, among others. Altogether an elegant virtual residence. Remember to check the regularly updated news box to the left.

EP's weekly post, started January 16, 2010: Very, very Peth. An extract from the first one:’s eye falls on one of Turner’s trees, clearly an amateur botch compared to the painter next along; then one realizes that the ‘superior’ trees are Turner’s too.

Photos - A backdoor entrance to the pics on Peth's website ;)

Youtube - Lots of lovely video clips, added to from time to time.  Latest up - vids from Strange Interlude and Knots.

Vulpes Libres, where EP is a guest writer.

Peth's IMDB page

Peth's BFI page


Wikipedia, of course



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