Year:  1990 

Movie / TV:   Elements of Acting

Director:  Terence Gross

Others in the Cast:  

Plot summary:  Edward Petherbridge links masterclass presentations with live excerpts from his one-man stage show. Each of the seven videos shows him in discussions and rehearsal work with students in a practical enquiry into elements of acting and the nature of theatre itself. The titles are: 

Part 1: Mask: Rehearsal work exploring the imaginative use of simple comic and neutral masks and their function in character portrayal and epic storytelling. Two performed sequences suggest how mask work can be enhanced with the use of music, light and scenic effects.

Part 2: Puppetry and undulations: How our bodies divulge the secrets of our moods and character both in the context of acting and relating to body language and communication in general.
Part 3: Timing: The tempos and rhythms governing the simplest stage action and which lie beneath all drama. Includes a comic performance based on timing exercises of the French mime 'Le Coq', and a soliloquy from Sheridan's 'The Rivals'.
Part 4: Style: The meaning of 'style', stimulated by satire on various styles of acting and teaching. The rehearsal work shows approaches to 'Hamlet' and 'Genesis'.
Part 5: Total theatre: The use and nature of theatre language. Students struggle to come to grips with clowning, improvisation and varied forms of dramatic storytelling.
Part 6: The work of Edward Gordon Craig, showing the elaborate Victorian theatre in which he acted as a boy, and reacted against. Shows a range of his theatre designs, including his work on 'Hamlet' at the Moscow Arts Theatre and on the controversial 'Ube
Part 7: A question-and-answer session dealing with students' problems. Further exploration of the key elements of body language, the spoken word, timing and rhythm, style and realisation, and touches on the actor's exploration of the dramatist's text. More details here

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