Year: 1977

Title of the play: Do You Love Me?

Author: Edward Petherbridge from the writings of R. D. Laing; music by Martin Duncan

Director: Edward Petherbridge

Others in the Cast: John Harding, Anne Firbank

Company/Event: The Actors’ Company

Theatre and location: The Roundhouse, London

Other productions of the same play: University Theatre Newcastle.

Plot summary: A pot-pouri of traditional music hall and cabaret entertainment by Edward Petherbridge, based on R.D. Laing's book Do you Love Me. The work is subtitled An Entertainment in Conversation and Verse. This extract: I could tell / from your eyes / you fell / from the skies / out of the blue / there were you / but I knew it wasn’t true / and away you flew is not very prepossessing, but such infelicities must have been ironed out in the adaptation. 

Peth’s role: Compère and Museum Attendant


Production details:

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