Year: 2008
Movie / TV: Clash of the Santas
Director: Paul Seed 
Others in the Cast: Nicola Stephenson, Robson Green, Mark Benton, Abbi Gray, Sian Reeves, Emma Cunniffe, Ian Puleston-Davies, Lee Worswick, Alex Rimmer, Stuart Wade, Carolin Stoltz, Ralph Gassmann, Richard Sinnott, Linzey Cocker
Plot summary

Colin’s understanding wife Jackie is at home desperately willing Colin to make it back in time for Christmas Day with his children. Pauline, Howie’s estranged wife, is planning a French Christmas and turkey fricassee with new beau Jean Luc and Victoria. Bah humbug Howie has unexpectedly been asked to represent England in the annual Santa competition, much to the chagrin of Colin, who thinks his dedication to Christmas and Santa appearances at the school fair make him by far the better candidate.  - From the ITV website

Peth’s role: Village Elder

The plot of Clash of the Santas is endearingly ludicrous. At one point the Santas compete at 'turkey bowling', a variant on tenpin bowling in which the ball is substituted for a frozen turkey. Howie and Colin then find themselves in a deadly struggle with a German terrorist cell campaigning against the commercialisation of Christmas. This leads to a tense stand-off and a farcical spoof of the film Spartacus in which each Santa steps forward in turn to declare: 'I am Santa Claus', 'No, I am Santa Claus…'. The drama's escalating levels of daftness, says Benton, are part of its appeal. 'We're both big optimists. And I think watching a programme like this you have to take your cynicism, put it in a cupboard and say, "OK, I'm just going to sit down, have a good old proper Christmas and enjoy watching Howie trying to climb up a chimney."' - Andrew Pettie, The Telegraph

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  "Do you believe in Santa Claus?" asks Peth as the Village Elder. 

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