Year:  2004-05

Movie / TV:   The Brief

Director:  Jack Gold

Others in the Cast:  Alan Davies, Cherie Lunghi, Christopher Fulford, Steven Alvey, Linda Bassett, Robert Whitelock, Zara Turner, George Innes, Will Knightley, Camilla Power

Plot summary:  In this engaging blend of courtroom drama, suspense, intrigue, humour and humanity, Alan Davies stars as criminal lawyer Henry Farmer, a crusading barrister who is honorably engaged in the fight for truth and justice in the courtroom. Possessing a tremendous gift for cross-examination and a silver tongue in vital closing speeches, Henry is a formidable opponent and greatly admired by his colleagues. However, his personal life is chaotic with a huge workload, massive gambling debts and unrequited love. Summary from 

Alan Davies stars in this ITV drama about lawyers that owes a lot to "Perry Mason" in uncovering whodunnits.  His character has been saddled with back-stabbing co-workers at his chambers, his adulterous girlfriend married to an MP, and an estranged son living in Australia.  Summary from

Peth’s role:  Gillespie, Henry's father.


Anyway, Davies sports his usual estuarial vowels and tousled hair, but this time around he gambles on the speed of raindrops running down windows, rides a bicycle (barely five minutes went by without a scene in which Davies carried his bike up and/or down the steps of his chambers, in a maverick sort of way) and has pretty big issues with his dad, who happens to be a crusty old judge.  Kathryn Flett in the Guardian

The Brief, ITV's latest legal drama from the makers of Inspector Morse, proved an instant hit last night with more than 6 million viewers tuning in. - The Guardian

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EP in The Brief. (Original pic on the Edward Petherbridge Appreciation Society on Facebook) 


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