Year: 2004

Title of the play: The Woman in White

Author: Charlotte Jones after the novel by Wilkie Collins; Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber; Lyrics: David Zippel

Director: Trevor Nunn

Others in the Cast: Michael Crawford, Martin Crewes, Angela Christian, Maria Friedman, Jill Paice


Theatre and location: Palace Theatre, London

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Plot summary: A dashing young man, employed as the art tutor to two devoted sisters, is stranded at a remote railway cutting. Out of the darkness looms a woman, a mysterious figure dressed in white, desperate to share a chilling secret. He and the sisters soon find themselves trapped in a web of betrayal and greed, the victims of a seemingly flawless crime. 

Peth’s role: Mr Fairlie


Trevor Nunn's production has now been almost entirely re-cast since its first opened (only Edward Petherbridge remains of the original principals), but it has also been fine-tuned. - Mark Shenton, What's on Stage


Sir Percival Glyde (Oliver Darley) is the principal villain of the piece: he it is who marries Laura Fairlie (Jill Paice) against her will, with the help of her weak-kneed, neurasthenic uncle (Edward Petherbridge). Jones has left out some of the detail of the relationship between the two men, but the main thrust of the plot remains, and Petherbridge, playing Mr Fairlie as a fidgety Dickensian eccentric, regarding the proceedings with a look of fastidious disapproval, gives a gem of a performance. - John Peter, The Sunday Times, September 19, 2004


At the show's center, as in the novel, are two half sisters: the lovely, demure heiress Laura Fairlie (Jill Paice) and the scrappier, plainer Marian Halcombe (Ms. Friedman), who live in sororal harmony on a country estate with their vain, hypochondriacal uncle (Edward Petherbridge). - Ben Brantley, New York Times, September 17, 2004

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