Year: 2003  

Movie / TV:   The Statement

Director:  Norman Jewison

Others in the Cast:  Michael Caine, Tilda Swinton, Jeremy Northam, Alan Bates, Charlotte Rampling, John Neville, Ciarán Hinds, Frank Finlay, William Hutt, Matt Craven, Noam Jenkins, Peter Wight, Malcolm Sinclair, Colin Salmon, David de Keyser

Plot summary:  In 1944, Pierre Brossard (Michael Caine) while working with the Vichy Government of France as a Nazi collaborator, was responsible for helping German soldiers execute seven jews in a small village. Captured at the end of the war but having escaped, Brossard has been enjoying the protection of a mysterious and powerful group apparently connected to the Catholic church for over 40 years - or so investigators believed. When a new law is enacted to prosecute crimes against humanity, investigating magistrate Anemarie Livi (Tilda Swinton) takes on the case. Suspicious of the police who originally let Brossard escape, she calls in Army Colonel Roux (Jeremy Northam) to assist her. The hunters close in on Brossard but hired assassins are also on his trail, to ensure he is silenced before he is caught and perhaps reveal the identity of the highly placed men who have protected him all this time.  Summary from Urban Cine File

Peth’s role:  Dom Vladimir, the Abbott of St Cros, who suspects that Brossard may have recently killed a man.

Reviews:  One would imagine that director Norman Jewison would have figured out in all his decades of filmmaking just how it is you go about making a decent movie. He’s got a mini-Altman film’s worth of great actors, Nazis, secret societies, and government conspiracies to play with, as well. But it’s literally as though an editor went through the film and excised everything that might have made it interesting. - Film Critic 

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