Year:  2003

Movie / TV:   Silent Witness - Fatal Error

Director:  Renny Rye 

Others in the Cast:  Amanda Burton, William Gaminara, Tom Ward, Annabelle Apsion, Claire Askham, Michael Bertenshaw, Eva Birthistle, Mark Frost, Dorian Healy, Christopher Hunter, Ashley Jensen, Shelley King, Martin Lawton, Judy Loe, Cal Macaninch, Nick Malinowski, Alex McSweeney, Christopher Mellows, Tracey Murphy, Graham Padden, Tim Plester, Hugh Sachs

Plot summary:  A driving school car parks in a car park; a motionless body sits in the passenger seat stabbed to death. The driver cuts open the victim's shirt and takes a photograph before fleeing. The victim is Mr Miller, a driving instructor from Cambridge, teaching a Mr Ray Mans. Harry suspects Mr Miller was murdered in Cambridge and then driven to London to be found. Then Harry attends a mysterious case in which Josie Grey is found dead in her bath. Elsewhere, Paul Bearman is shot dead outside his house. Later, Sam receives photographs of Miller and Grey along with Bearman and recognises him. She compares the various images that have been sent to her and determines that they are all 'textbook murders' inspired by photos from a book of forensic pathology and all have a connection with Cambridge. Summary from ABC TV

Peth’s role:  Professor Lewis Freeman


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