Year:  2001

Movie / TV:   Sword of Honour


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Plot summary:  Daniel Craig is Guy Crouchback, a WWII-era British soldier who aspired to nobility and heroism, if only to prove that he was worthy of his shrewish ex-wife Virginia (played by American actress Megan Dodds). Alas, the harder Guy tried to distinguish himself on the field of battle, the more he failed, and as an ironic counterpart, Guy's fellow soldiers, most of them cowardly liars, continued to be promoted and showered with military honors. Even when he finally was given the opportunity to prove his worth beyond question and reproach, Guy succeeded only in miring himself in yet another disappointment and humiliation. - Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Peth’s role:  Peregrin Crouchback 

Reviews:  Waugh's hero, Guy Crouchback, volunteers immediately once war has been declared. Initially, he's told he's too old and then parcelled off into the Halberdiers, a regiment almost entirely comprised of oddballs, lunatics, misfits and sociopaths. They run around fields, stabbing potato sacks for a while, and then depart for France, where - following a series of spectacular misunderstandings - both Guy and various other members of his regiment are declared heroes, albeit dangerous ones. Film Inside Out

Craig plays old-money scion Guy Crouchback in this smart, luscious adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s semiautobiographical story of the trials of one honest, moral man amidst the SNAFU milieu of Britain’s World War II military. Though he’s a bit old for the army, 35-year-old Guy is desperate to assert his sense of ethics by joining the fight against the Nazis and finally finds a spot in an elite unit... which, he discovers, is nothing but a corral for liars, cheats, criminals, nutters, and other assorted scoundrels and deficients. These are the best of the best, supposedly, and look at the state of them. - FlickFilosopher

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