Year: 1999

Title of the play: Breath

Author: Samuel Beckett

Director: Edward Petherbridge

Others in the Cast: None


Theatre and location:Arts Theatre

Other productions of the same play: 

Plot summary: A stage strewn with debris becomes visible in a light that starts as faint, becomes less faint then fades again.  Simultaneously the audience hears a faint cry, what Beckett calls an
"instant of recorded vagitus", then the sound of a human breath, followed by another faint cry as the lights fade and the curtain falls. Blink and you'd miss it. - Reuters
Peth’s role: None


"It's all very well to read about "Breath" but I thought it'd be fascinating to see what it actually amounts to," said Edward Petherbridge, a veteran British actor responsible for bringing "Breath" to London after an international tour.  Written in 1969, the play is viewed as something of a theatrical novelty.  Its appeal is usually reckoned to be restricted to die-hard Beckett aficionados and theatre directors with a taste for the bizarre.  "I thought there might be a few people in London who might like to see it.  And I was right there are a few people," he quips, referring to the less than sell-out appeal Beckett's ultra-minimalist play has had for London theatre goers. – Reuters, 1999


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