Year:  1996

Movie / TV:   Gulliver's Travels

Director:  Charles Sturridge 

Others in the Cast:  Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, James Fox, Ned Beatty, Edward Fox, Robert Hardy, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Phoebe Nicholls, Karyn Parsons, John Standing, Shashi Kapoor, 

John Wells, Alfre Woodard, Edward Woodward, Peter O'Toole

Plot summary:  All star adaptation of Jonathan Swift's satirical tale about a normal man who, after returning home following eight years of absence, relates fantastical tales about how he was thought to be giant in the Land of Lilliput, but was only six inches high in the Land of Brobdingnag. He also tells of his visit to the floating island of Laputa populated by scientists who are so obsessed with reason that they act with no common sense. Finally, he tells of his journey to the land where his disturbing likeness to the bestial Yahoos and his inferiority to the intelligent horses there makes him question the very worth of his humanity. - Summary from IMDB

Peth’s role:  Dr. Pritchard, a doctor at the mental hospital where Gulliver is sent. 

Reviews:  Swift's message — that humans are bad, deceitful, cruel, greedy, and awfully stupid — isn't exactly the sort of thing the William Bennett brigade wants to hear being disseminated over the public airwaves. Which makes this family fare all the more fun. - EW 

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