Year: 1991

Title of the play: Valentine’s Day

Author: Benny Green and David William from the play You Never Can Tell by Bernard Shaw; Music: Denis King; Lyrics: Benny Green

Director: Gillian Lynne

Others in the Cast: John Turner, Edward de Souza, Elizabeth Counsell

Company/Event: Chichester Festival

Theatre and location: Minerva Theatre, Chichester

Other productions of the same play: 1992 - Globe Theatre, London  

Plot summary: The musical was based on George Bernard Shaw’s play “You never can tell”. Couldn’t find a summary for the musical, but here goes the summary for the original play: Mrs Clandon and her three children, Dolly, Phillip and Gloria have just returned to England after an eighteen-year stay in Madeira. The children have no idea who their father is and, through a comedy of errors, end up inviting him to a family lunch. At the same time a dentist named Mr Valentine has fallen in love with the eldest daughter, Gloria. However, Gloria considers herself a modern woman and claims to have no interest in love or marriage. The play continues with a comedy of errors and confused identities, with the friendly and wise waiter, Walter (most commonly referred to by the characters as "William," because Dolly thinks he resembles Mr Shakespeare), dispensing his wisdom with the titular phrase "You Never Can Tell." - Wikipedia

Peth’s role: William, the waiter

Reviews: Shaw littered this piece with song cues, which are duly snapped up with love duets for Gloria and the Valentine (Alexander Hanson), a progressive education trio for the Clandon family, and a title-point number for the Waiter. As danced by Edward Petherbridge, who is as delicately acrobatic on his feet as he is in serving a round of drinks, this is the best thing in Gillian Lynne's production.  Irving Wardle, The Independent, 20 September, 1992

On Chichester's studio stage, the Minerva, "Valentine's Day" is a new musical by Benny Green and Denis King based with considerable care and fidelity on Bernard Shaw's "You Never Can Tell." It has been directed by Gillian Lynne, choreographer of "Cats" and "Phantom" among much else, and strongly cast with Edward Petherbridge, Fiona Fullerton and Judy Parfitt, all of whom treat the show as a play with music rather than as a fully-fledged singalong in the semi-Shavian traditions of "My Fair Lady" or "The Chocolate Soldier." - Sheridan Morley, NY Times

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