Year: 1985

Title of the play: The Real Inspector Hound

Author: Tom Stoppard

Director: Tom Stoppard

Others in the Cast: Ian McKellen, Roy Kinnear, Claire Moore, Jonathan Hyde, Eleanor Bron, Selina Cadell, Stephen Macdonald, Greg Hicks

Company/Event: National Theatre Company Ian McKellen-Edward Petherbridge Group

Theatre and location: Olivier Theatre, London

Other productions of the same play: 1986 - Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, Paris

International Theatre Festival, Blackstone Theatre, Chicago.  

Plot summary: The plot follows two theatre critics named Moon and Birdboot who are watching a ludicrous setup of a country house murder mystery, in the style of a whodunit. By chance, they become involved in the action causing a series of events that parallel the play they are watching.

Peth’s role: Moon


Hound is a schoolboy-clever send-up of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, with all its clunking contrivances, coupled with the petulant fantasies of a second-string critic (Petherbridge) about an uprising by all the world's also-rans. - William A Henry III, Time.

Production details: Here 

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A study of the play  

A discussion on the McKellen-Petherbridge Company’s choice of director for this play:

The challenge is compounded by their choice of directors for forthcoming plays. For a double bill of Tom Stoppard's ''The Real Inspector Hound'' and Sheridan's ''The Critic,'' the two had the boldness to name Mr. Stoppard, who has seldom directed, and Sheila Hancock, an actress-director with the company, and, according to Mr. McKellen, only the second woman ever to direct at the National. The fourth director, also an outsider, Mike Alfreds, has been signed to stage an intimate ''Cherry Orchard'' in the small Cottesloe Theater. The announced intention of the company is that the individual directors' ''versatility and experience will make exceptional demands'' on the actors, and the actors, in reciprocity, will be able to influence the directors. Mel Gussow, New York Times, August 18, 1985



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