Year:  1984

Movie / TV:   Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Director:  David Hugh Jones

Others in the Cast:  John Woodvine, Edita Brychta, Mike Gwilym, Robert Ashby, John Bardon, Peter Gordon, Iain Mitchell, Patrick Godfrey, Toby Salaman, Norman Rodway, Annette Crosbie, Christopher Saul, Gordon Gostelow, Richard Derrington

Plot summary:  When Pericles discovers the dread answer to Antioch's riddle, he flees for his life straight into famine, shipwreck, love, fatherhood, and another shipwreck; he loses his wife and daughter, and doesn't find them again until the story moves us through resurrection, attempted murder, pirates, prostitution, and divine revelation. - IMDB

Peth’s role:  Gower, the narrator

ReviewsEdward Petherbridge portrays Gower with a laid-back cosiness; he seems more like a folksy oral historian, garbed in neutral tunic, than a historic literary sage. This Gower holds no book; he speaks, not reads, his versified tale. Petherbridge effectively avoids mouthing the words to histrionic oratory; he labors to give conversational smoothness to the coarse fabric of Gower's doggerel.  - Pericles: critical essays By David Skeele

Despite the relative obscurity that surrounds the character, several productions have attenpted to present Gower as a medieval English author. Edward Petherbridge's Gower as he appeared in the 1984 BBC Time-Life version is one of the representations closest to (Robert) Greene's description of the author; Petherbridge presented a figure dressed in a lond plain robe with gray hair and beard and looking distinctly "pale" and "wan"... - Shakespeare and the Middle Ages, Martha W. Driver, Sid Ray


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