Year: 1980

Title of the play: No Limits to Love

Author: David Mercer

Director: Howard Davies

Others in the Cast: Bob Peck, John Shrapnel, Susan Tracy

Company/Event: Royal Shakespeare Company

Theatre and location: The Warehouse, London

Other productions of the same play: 

Plot summary: No one actually has sex with anyone else in Mr. Mercer's 1980 play. But sex is a topic that preoccupies each of the four characters. And not without reason. Edward and Marna are a married couple involved in a menage a trois with Hugh, an Oxford history don who has a secret past and a catatonic wife somewhere. The time is pre-Thatcher Britain and this trio has set up house in an area of northern London that sounds a lot like Hampstead. A new neighbor, Otto, turns out to be Edward's former pyschoanalyst, who left his patients and ran away to Canada with a young Italian boy who just happens to be an old flame of Hugh's as well. From there, the plot gets as complicated as a soap opera. By the time the ghosts of former lovers are dragged into it, we are essentially dealing with a menage a sept (or possibly huit). Summary from NYT

Peth’s role: Otto


Production details: Here

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