Year:  1979

Movie / TV:   Crown Court - Somebody

Director:  John Black

Others in the Cast:  Joanna Craig, William Cripps, Bernard Gallagher, Lorna Heilbron, John Jardine, Keith Noble, George Pravda, Simon Rouse, Doreen Sloane, John Woodnutt

Plot summary:  Crown Court was a UK daytime court room drama, in which each new case would be acted out over the course of three consecutive episodes. An interesting point is that even though the witnesses, lawyers and judges were played by actors, the members of the jury with the exception of the foreperson, were members of the public, who would at the end of the third episode, reach their own verdict. In this episode, Lady Montagu-Smith is charged with stealing photographs from Epwell Hall and destroying them. Are the photographs really of a famous woman?

Peth’s roleChristopher Rochland


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