Year:  1976

Movie / TV:   The New Avengers - Faces

Director:  James Hill

Others in the Cast:  Patrick Macnee, Gareth Hunt, Joanna Lumley, David de Keyser, Richard Leech, Neil Hallett,
Annabel Leventon, David Webb, Donald Hewlett, J.G. Devlin, Jill Melford, Michael Sheard, Robert Putt

Plot summary:  The New Avengers uncover an operation that is substituting doubles for politicians and other high ranking members of society. All the lookalikes seem to have been found amongst the drunks and derelicts of The Mission for the Distressed and Needy, so Gambit pretends to be a drunk named Walton, while Purdey infiltrates the organization on her own as 'Lollita'. Meanwhile, is Steed still himself, or is there a replacement in his stead? - IMDB

Detailed summary:

Two sundowners, Mullins (Edward Petherbridge) and Terrison (Richard Leech) are poaching game when they hear a limousine enter the manor grounds, peering through the bushes they see the spitting image of Terrison in the back... later, Mullins uses the bow and arrow formerly used for killing rabbits to kill the passenger, a ministry official called Craig, and Terrison takes his place just before Steed arrives. - Full summary here 

Another summary here

Peth’s role:  Mullins


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Mullins (Peth) getting a pasting...


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