Year: 1975

Title of the play: The Phantom of the Opera

Author: David Giles, adapted from the novel by Gaston Leroux

Director: David Giles

Others in the Cast: Sharon Duce, Keith Drinkel

Company/Event: The Actors’ Company

Theatre and location: Wimbledon Theatre

Other productions of the same play

Plot summary: Christine joins the chorus at the Paris Opera House. Not long after, a voice starts speaking to her. She believes it's the Angel of Music. The Voice offers to teach her music. With the help of the Voice, Christine triumphs at the gala. Her old childhood friend Raoul hears her and remembers his love for her. But after the gala, the "Angel", who is Erik, a disfigured genius who lives in the cellars, takes Christine to his home, but lets her go after two weeks on condition that she is faithful to him. Christine wavers between Erik and Raoul. Erik kidnaps Christine and threatens to destroy the entire Opera if she doesn’t marry him. To save everyone, Christine agrees and kisses Erik. Erik is overcome with emotion and lets Christine go.

Peth’s role: Erik, the Phantom

Reviews: The story has not fared much better on the stage. In France, strangely, it has scarcely appealed to dramatists at all, and there have only been two notable productions in England. The first was a much abridged version performed as part of a Grand Guignol season at the Little Theatre in London in 1935 and then, in 1975, the Actors Company mounted a performance with Edward Petherbridge in the title role and Sharon Duce as Christine.

Production details:

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