Year:  1973

Movie / TV:   Wessex Tales - A Tragedy of Two Ambitions

Director:  Michael Tuchner

Others in the Cast:  John Hurt, David Troughton, Paul Rogers, Lynne Frederick, Heather Canning, Betty Cooper, Dan Meaden, Andrew McCulloch, John Rainer, Peter Bennett

Plot summary: The sons of a village tradesman, who has consumed their little inheritance in drink, make their way, nevertheless, more successfully than Jude, one to be a clergyman, the other headmaster of a school. The ne'er-do-well father comes on the scene, and public shame stares them in the face, at the moment when their sister is about to marry a wealthy squire. The old scapegrace tumbles into a mill-leet and they do not lift a finger to save him. They have escaped disgrace; but at what a price!
Peth’s role:  Squire Fellmer


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