Year:  1972

Movie / TV:   Softly Softly - The Easy Job


Others in the Cast:  Velvey Attwood, Norman Bowler, John J. Carney, Brian Hall, Barry Jackson, David Lloyd Meredith, Maurice O'Connell, Ron Pember, Frank Windsor

Plot summary

Series summary: Softly, Softly centred around the work of regional crime squads, plain-clothes CID officers based in the fictional region of Wyvern - supposedly in the Bristol and Chepstow area of the UK. The series (which took its name from the proverb 'softly, softly, catchee monkey') was designed as a vehicle for Detective Chief Inspector Charles Barlow and Detective Inspector John Watt (played by Stratford Johns and Frank Windsor respectively) from the popular police series Z Cars, which had just finished its original run.  - Wikipedia

This episode: A couple of villains hear about a factory safe that holds a large payroll. They make careful plans to help themselves, but fail to allow for accidents.

Peth’s role:  Johnny Hicks 


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