Year: 1972

Title of the play: Ruling the Roost

Author: Georges Feydeau Adapted by Richard Cottrell

Director: Richard Cottrell

Others in the Cast: Tenniel Evans, Sheila Reid, John Woodvine, Marian Diamond, Robin Ellis, Caroline Blakiston, Robert Eddison, John Bennett, Paola Dionisotti, Sharon Duce, Ian McKellen, Ronald Radd, Juan Moreno, Matthew Long, John Tordoff

Company/Event: The opening performance of the newly formed Actors' Company, led by Ian McKellen and Edward Petherbridge, along with Tis Pity She's A Whore.

Theatre and location: Forum Theatre, Billingham

Other productions of the same play:  1974, Wimbledon Theatre.

Plot summary: A French farce, with its usual quota of misunderstandings, dupes, sex romps and slammed doors, set in a hotel.

Peth’s role: Manager

Reviews: The most successful theatrical experiment of the Festival, however, was the appearance of The Actors' Company, each of whose seventeen performers has a voice in staging, casting, and selection of directors for their productions. One of the joy of the Actors' Company is to see players of equal ability in leading roles and bit parts. Feydeau's Ruling the Roost and Ford's 'Tis Pity She's A Whore set a high standard of production in setting, costumes and above all in performance. - Gilbert L. Bloom  in Theatre in Review. 

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