Movie / TV:   Man at the Top


Others in the Cast:  Kenneth Haigh, Zena Walker

Plot summary: Thirteen years on from his marriage to the pregnant Susan - a condition of his continuing promotion by Susan’s father and his then boss, Mr. Brown - Joe Lampton has a new home in Surrey’s stockbroker belt and a career as a management consultant. As pushy and hard-headed as ever, he will go to any lengths to keep a grip on his position. Joe remains married to Susan and the couple now have two children, but his attentions rarely remain fixed and he does not fail to take advantage of all that his status and connections bring within his reach; this inevitably includes the attractive and available women he encounters. A single event, however, causes Joe to re-assess his life - with far-reaching consequences.  

Peth’s role:  Leonard Finch in 3 episodes: The Knackers Yard, A Very Desirable Property (1972), You Will Never Understand Women

Reviews:  Man at the Top was a theatrical-film spin-off of a popular British TV series, inspired by the earlier movies Room at the Top and Life at the Top. Kenneth Haigh starred in the series as Joe Lampton, the successful but emotionally empty business executive portrayed in the earlier films by Laurence Harvey. In Man at the Top, Lampton (Haigh again) endures a crisis of conscience. He knows that his pharmaceutical firm is about to market an untested and possibly dangerous drug. He is also bound by ties of familial loyalty: His boss (Harry Andrews) happens to be his father-in-law. Nanette Newman, a busy doe-eyed ingenue of the 1960s, is quietly effective as the middle-aged Mrs. Lampton. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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