Year: 1971

Title of the play: Swan Song

Author: Anton Chekhov Trans. Guy Sells

Director: David William

Others in the Cast: Ian McKellen

Company/Event: This performance officially opened The Crucible Theatre, which replaced the Playhouse Repertory theatre in Townhead Street in 1971.

Theatre and location: Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Other productions of the same play

Plot summary: Vasili Svietlovidoff, a 68-year-old comedian, and Nikita Ivanitch, an old prompter, find themselves locked into a theatre late at night, discussing the actor's past career.

Peth’s role: Nikita Ivanitch


Production details:

Related links: An interesting tidbit about Swan Song from Ian McKellen’s website:

"During rehearsals for 'Swan Song' Edward Petherbridge and I fantasised about a theatre company whose actors would be their own managers, sharing out the parts as a group of equals. David William, our director, challenged us to turn the dream into reality, so we wrote to likely colleagues for their input. One by one others joined in and 8 months later the Actors' Company was in rehearsal for its opening season." — Ian McKellen, October 1999 



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