Year: 1969

Title of the play: The White Devil

Author: John Webster

Director: Frank Dunlop

Others in the Cast: Frank Barrie, Geraldine McEwan, Denis Quilley, Edward Woodward, Paul Dorfman, Jane Wenham, Jane Lapotaire

Company/Event: National Theatre Company

Theatre and location: Old Vic, London

Other productions of the same play

Plot summary: Count Lodovico is banished from Rome for debauchery and murder; his friends promise to work for the repeal of his sentence. The Duke of Brachiano loves Vittoria Corombona, despite the fact they are both already married. Vittoria's brother Flamineo, schemes to bring them together to advance his own career. Brachiano and Flamineo have Vittoria's husband Camillo and Brachiano's wife Isabella murdered. Vittoria is put on trial for the murder of her husband and condemned to imprisonment in a convent for penitent whores. When Count Lodovico, a banished count returns to Rome, he, having been in love with Isabella, vows to avenge her death. Isabella's brother Francisco plots to induce Brachiano and Vittoria to elope. Francisco and and Lodovico follow them to avenge Isabella's death.

Peth’s role: Count Lodovico


Production details: Here 

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