Year: 1968

Title of the play: The Advertisement

Author: Natalia Ginzburg Trans. Henry Reed

Director: Donald MacKechnie and Laurence Olivier

Others in the Cast: Joan Plowright (Teresa), Anna Carteret (Elena), Helen Bourne (Gionvanna).

Company/Event: World Premiere by the National Theatre Company

Theatre and location: Theatre Royal, Brighton

Other productions of the same play:  Old Vic Theatre, London.

Plot summary: A three-act play, The Advertisement looks at the relationship between Teresa and Elena, and Teresa's former lover Lorenzo. Responding to an advertisement in a local paper, Elena, a young student, comes to inspect a room that Teresa has put up for rent in her house. The two develop a bond, and Teresa explains her history with Lorenzo, a lover who has left her. But the three-way relationship takes a turn when Lorenzo turns up at the house and subsequently begins an affair with Elena. (From Wikipedia)

Peth’s role: Lorenzo

ReviewsThe second act introduces Lorenzo (Edward Petherbridge), and while he seems charming enough and everything he says corroborates all that has gone before, there is a certain uneasiness generated by his presence.  When at the end of the play you find that the closing lines are a verbatim transcript of the opening of the play, the whole thing snaps into place with a nasty wrench.... The actors are so adept at feigning reality that it is almost impossible to accept that they are playing at playing. Jacob Siskind, The Montreal Gazette - Oct 4, 1968


Production details: 

Theatre Royal 

Old Vic

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