Year: 1967

Title of the play: Much Ado About Nothing

Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Franco Zeffirelli

Others in the Cast: Albert Finney, Derek Jacobi, Caroline John, Ian McKellen, Alan Ridgway, Frank Wylie 

Company/Event: National Theatre Company

Theatre and location:  Old Vic, London

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Plot summary: The story concerns a pair of lovers named Claudio and Hero who are due to be married in a week. To pass the time before their wedding day, they conspire with Don Pedro, the prince of Aragon, to trick their friends, Beatrice and Benedick, into confessing their love for one another. The prince's illegitimate brother, Don John, however, jealous of both Don Pedro's power and his affection for Claudio, plans to destroy the coming wedding.

Peth’s role: Conrade, a follower of Don John


Production details: Here

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