Year: 1966

Title of the play: Othello

Author: William Shakespeare

Director: John Dexter

Others in the Cast: Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Edward Hardwicke, Christopher Timothy, Anthony Hopkins, John Stride 

Company/Event: National Theatre Company

Theatre and location: Old Vic, London

Other productions of the same play:  Queen’s Theatre, London, in 1966

Plot summary: Othello, a Moorish general, secretly marries Desdemona, daughter of senator Brabantio.  Othello is ordered to Cyprus to repel a threatened Turkish invasion. Desdemona and Emilia, Iago's wife, sail with him, as does Othello's lieutenant Michael Cassio. Once in Cyprus, Iago plants the suspicion in Othello's mind that Desdemona has been unfaithful to him with Cassio. Increasingly maddened by jealousy, Othello orders Iago to kill Cassio and strangles Desdemona himself. 

Peth’s role: Venetian; Senate Officer; Cypriot

Reviews: Here 

Production details: Here 

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