Year:  1963

Movie / TV:  Dixon of Dock Green - The Best Policy

Director:  Robin Nash
Others in the Cast:  Geoffrey Adams, Sandra Blane, Peter Byrne, Edward Chapman, Paul Elliott, Jean Holness, John Hughes, Jeanette Hutchinson

Plot summary: The series was set in a suburban police station in the East End of London and concerned uniformed police engaged with routine tasks and low-level crime. Unlike later police series, Dixon focused less on crime and policing and more on the family-like nature of life in the station (and at home) with Dixon, a warm, paternal and frequently moralising presence, being the central focus where crime was little more than petty larceny. Dixon lived in a small mid-terraced house on a busy road. He liked a drink, as did his police friends. - Wikipedia  

Synopsis for this episode: Edward Chapman appears in Dixon of Dock Green as Bernard Glaister, a local builder and self-made man, whose son wants to become a journalist. But Bernard has other plans for him, and as a result they quarrel. - Action TV
Peth’s role:  Tony Glaister, the son.


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