Year: 1962

Title of the play: Doctor at Sea

Author: Ted Willis from the novel by Richard Gordon

Director: Dennis Ramsden

Others in the Cast:


Theatre and location: Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

Other productions of the same play: Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton; Kings Theatre, Southsea; Theatre Royal, Exeter; Arts Theatre, Cambridge; Theatre Royal, Bath; King’s Theatre, Edinburgh; Empire Theatre, Newcastle; Alhambra Theatre, Bradford; New Theatre, Hull; Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield, with the same group.

Plot summary: Couldn't find a synopsis for the play, but here's the synopsis for the 1955 movie: This second entry in the British "Doctor" series once more stars Dirk Bogarde as young medico Simon Sparrow. Securing his first job as ship's doctor on a freighter, Simon again runs afoul of James Robertson Justice, here cast not as the irascible Sir Lancelot Sprat but as ship's captain Hogg. Unexpectedly, the freighter is obliged to take on passengers--specifically, the man-hungry daughter (Brenda DeBanzie) of the shipping magnate who owns the vessel, and toothsome French chanteuse Helene Colbert (Brigitte Bardot, in her first English-language film). As the older woman makes a play for the crusty captain, Helene sets her sights on the nonplussed Dr. Sparrow.  

Peth’s role: Dr Simon Sparrow


Production details:

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