Year: 1961

Title of the play: Love in a Mist

Author: Kenneth Horne

Director: Donald Masters

Others in the Cast: Evelyn Elliot, Kathleen Breck, Ian Gardiner, Patricia Mason, Graham Squire

Company/Event: Whatmore Productions

Theatre and location: Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

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Plot summary: A honeymoon couple (Evelyn Elliot and Edward Petherbridge) stranded by a fog share limited sleeping accommodation with another couple (Kathleen Breck and Ian Gardiner) at a duck-farm inhabited by a talkative wife and a husband "queer in the head" (Patricia Mason and Graham Squire). The potentialities of plot this envisaged are exploited by these actors to the full. At times the pace lagged, and the jokes could be too heavily anticipated. - The Glasgow Herald, 25 April, 1961

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