Year: 1960

Title of the play: The Wrong Side of the Park

Author: John Mortimer


Others in the Cast:


Theatre and location: Leeds Grand Theatre

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Plot summary: The Wrong Side of the Park is a wry examination of marriage. Elaine Lee's husband Henry is an unexciting civil servant, completely absorbed in his work. She compares him constantly to his detriment with her first husband, a brilliant flying-man, and their decaying, ugly old house in a dreary inner suburb, with the gaiety of her earlier marriage. Miller, a brisk young real-estate man moves in as a lodger, and because he reminds her of the airman, Elaine fastens her hopes on him. But his object is strictly real estate -- he wants the lease of the house, to exploit its development possibilities -- and after a showdown, Elaine is crazier and more mixed-up than ever.

Peth’s role: Miller, the dashing young real estate agent.


Production details:

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