Year: 1958-59

Title of the play: Spider's Web

Author: Agatha Christie


Others in the Cast:

Company/Event: New Zealand Players

Theatre and location: New Zealand National Tour

Other productions of the same play: 

Plot summary: Clarissa Hailsham-Brown is the second wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, Henry, and stepmother to his teenage daughter, Pippa. There are three guests staying with them: Sir Rowland Delahaye, a local JP in his fifties, Hugo Birch, an irascible man in his sixties and a young man called Jeremy Warrender. Oliver Costello, the current husband of Pippa's mother Miranda comes to the house, looking for money and is killed. Clarissa fears that Pippa, who is hysterically afraid of Costello, may have done the deed, and promptly recruits the three guests to invent an alibi.

Peth’s role: Not known, but an NZ news article says he played the lead.


Production details:

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From an EP interview, which clearly refers to the trip back after the tour: 
I was 23 when I read Wuthering Heights on a ship, returning from working in New Zealand. I remember particularly reading of the familiar Yorkshire landscape – so wild and yet close to my home, the then sooty industrial town of Bradford – as I looked out on sand and camels on our way through the Suez Canal. I heard some of the book again recently on a sadly defunct digital station called One Word – the book was even better than I remembered – in fact there were whole tracts of it I’d forgotten.  I add it to that lengthening list.


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