Year: 1958

Title of the play: One Wild Oat

Author: Vernon Sylvaine

Director: Lionel Hamilton

Others in the Cast:

Company/Event: Northampton Repertory Players

Theatre and location: Royal Theatre, Northampton

Other productions of the same play: 

Plot summary: Distinguished barrister Humphrey Proudfoot tries to keep daughter Cherrie from marrying Fred Gilbey, the son of notorious philanderer Alfred Gilbey. Fearing that Fred intends to follow in Alfred's footsteps, Proudfoot does his best to undermine the romance. But his sneaky shenanigans backfire when Gilbey turns the tables and discovers Proudfoot's first love Emily Pepys. When Emily turns up at the same time as Gilbey's mistress Gloria, the two men suddenly find themselves on the same side as they struggle to keep their two women away from their wives. It is up to the wives of the two old antagonists to solve matters and pave the way for a happy ending.

Peth’s role: EP's role was the supporting one of Mr Pepys.


Production details:

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