Year: 1957

Title of the play: The Case of the Frightened Lady

Author: Edgar Wallace

Director: Guy Vaesen

Others in the Cast:


Theatre and location: Connaught Theatre, Worthing

Other productions of the same play

Plot summary: The year is 1932 and writer Edgar Wallace the ‘King of the modern thriller’, gets a desperate call from his publisher. With only a weekend to produce a new novel, “The Case of the Frightened Lady” was the hilarious account of the antics of the Wallace household while devising plot, storyline and final denouement; creating characters that flit in and out of reality and fiction. Wallace’s new thriller bulged with a tangle of dodgy criminals, false clues and strangers with mysterious pasts. As the corpses piled up, Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Tanner must keep one step ahead of the bungling rural police and prevent the course of justice being perverted by a household of secretive toffs! His legendary powers of observation have never failed him yet. Just how far beneath the surface lies the grisly truth? Why is the Lady so frightened? Summary from a review of a recent production

Peth’s role:


Production details:

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