Year: 1957

Title of the play: Henry IV, Part 1

Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Peter Coe

Others in the Cast:


Theatre and location: Arts Theatre, Ipswich

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Plot summary: After deposing Richard II and becoming king, Henry Bolingbroke want to go on a crusade to the Holy Land, but is prevented by skirmishes on the Scottish and Welsh borders. Added to this, Hal, the Prince of Wales, is being apparently led astray by a group of wastrels led by Sir John Falstaff. The rebellions all come together at the Battle of Shrewsbury, where Hal puts off his sloth and defeats rebel leader Hotspur in battle.

Peth’s role: EP played Prince John of Lancaster, Hal's younger brother in the play. Very few lines, and the character is mainly known for his silent bravery, as shown in Hal's impetuous outburst in the heat of battle - "This boy lends mettle to us all!" 


Production details:

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