Year: 1956

Title of the play: Edward II

Author: Christopher Marlowe

Director: Eric Salmon

Others in the Cast: Graham Crowden, Charles Kay, Paul Curran, Jeremy Brett, John Stride, Leonard Pearce, Robert Lang, Geraldine McEwan.   

Company/Event: Ludlow Festival

Theatre and location: Ludlow Castle

Other productions of the same play: 1968: the Bertolt Brecht version, Trans. William E. Smith and Ralph Manheim, directed by Frank Dunlop, National Theatre Company at Old Vic, London. This time, Peth played the role of Spencer, the King’s second lover.

Plot summary:

Peth’s role: Gaveston


Production details: The 1968 production 

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Trivia: Jeremy Brett, my favourite Sherlock, played the king's brother, Edmund, Earl of Kent. Imagine Sherlock Holmes and Lord Peter Wimsey on the same stage! :-)


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